Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Tart

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My signature tart made gluten free. This basic dark chocolate ganache tart can now be made gluten free, dairy free, and vegan for those that need it! And won’t they be happy they got to enjoy a little slice of heaven at your house! This Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Tart is delectable!

These tarts are bakery quality but at way less the cost

I have been making these tarts for many years. They can pass for a bakery item, so if you need a dessert to bring to a restaurant for a birthday or other celebration, try this one for the dairy free, vegan, or gluten free person. Not many bakeries have a gluten free version of the chocolate ganache tart, let alone a vegan or dairy free version. Whip this up easily and people will be impressed! Plus, you’ll also save loads on making it yourself!

Your other guests will be so happy to get to have a slice too, and honestly they will not even know the difference. The shortbread crust holds up so well and is so crisp and perfect for this dessert.

Use the berry combination that you like!

The berries add a little sweetness to the dark chocolate as does the creamer in the ganache. Don’t have time to decorate the tart? Simply add a scattering of berries and it will still look pretty! Slice the strawberries or simply leave whole.

For a gluten-free butter, we usually opt for Earth Balance Vegan Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Butter Substitute but you can substitute with another vegan, dairy free, gluten-free butter.

Don’t have a tart pan with a removable bottom?

Don’t have a tart pan with a removable bottom? Although it is much easier to use a tart pan with a removable bottom, you definitely can use a pie plate or a quiche pan. Just be sure use parchment at the bottom, and lightly grease and flour the sides of your pie pan or quiche pan. Or find a inexpensive non-stick versions of the springform or tart pan with a removable bottom at Ross or Marshalls,

Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Tart

Now we can share one of our favorite tarts with our Vegan and Dairy Free Friends! And none of the flavor or texture is compromised. You can make the tart shell early for this one. Just cool and cover with foil until you ae ready to fill.
Servings 6 -7 servings
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 17 minutes


  • 1 8" springform or tart pan with removable bottom
  • 1 8" diameter piece of parchment paper


Vegan Tart Crust

  • ¼ cup Earth Balance Vegan Dairy Free and Gluten Free Butter substitute or other vegan and dairy free butter
  • ½ cup almond flour, gf
  • ¾ cup 1 to 1 gluten free flour or Ryze Gluten Free Baking Mix
  • 2 tbsp sugar or organic cane sugar
  • 2` tbsp brown sugar
  • ¾ teaspoon pure vanilla, gf

Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Tart

  • 1 recipe of Vegan Tart Crust
  • 4 ½ ounces Endangered Species Tart Raspberry Dark Chocolate bar, or other vegan, dairy free, and gluten free chocolate
  • 4 ½ tbsp Califa Farms Almond Milk Creamer, or other vegan and gluten free creamer
  • tbsp Earth Balance Vegan and Gluten Free Butter substitute or other vegan and gluten free butter
  • 1 ½ teaspoons pure vanilla, gf
  • tbsp port or brandy, gf
  • 10 ounces strawberries, rinsed, dried, and sliced
  • 6 ounces raspberries, rinsed and dried
  • 3-4 ounces blackberries or blueberries, rinsed and dried


Vegan Tart Crust

  • Preheat the oven to 350° F.
  • Line an 8" springform pan or tart pan with a removable bottom. Lay an 8" round of parchment on the bottom.
  • In a bowl of a stand mixer or in a medium sized bowl using a hand mixer, mix the almond flour, 1 to 1 gluten free flour (or Ryze flour), sugars, and vegan butter on low speed. Increase to medium and mix until small crumb like texture is present.
  • Add the vanilla and mix in.
  • Press into the lined tart pan, with a rubber spatula or hand. Evenly spread the shortbread crust mixture into the pan and up the edges.
  • Bake for 13-15 minutes or until light golden brown on the edges and the bottom.
  • Set aside.

Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Tart

  • Rinse and dry your berries. Melt the chocolate bar pieces and vegan butter over a double boiler or for 10-20 seconds intervals in the microwave. Add the vegan, non dairy, gluten free creamer, vanilla and port. and stir until smooth.
  • Pour into the crust.
  • Top with berries in a decorative pattern or just scattered on top. Decorate with edible, organic flowers, or chopped nuts, if desired.
  • Chill 2-3 hours. Remove the round from the bottom of the pan. Remove the piece of parchment from the bottom.
  • SlSet on a cake plate or a cutting board. Slice with a sharp knife or serrated spatula. Refrigerate unused portion in an airtight container for up to 2 days for best freshness. .


Perfect for the chocolate lover who also is vegan or dairy free. Just be sure to check that all your products are vegan for them, also gluten free or dairy free. They’ll be so happy to get to enjoy a slice (or maybe even two!)
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American, French
Keyword: berries, chocolate and berries, chocolate and raspberry tart, chocolate ganache, vegan ganache, vegan tart
Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Tart | Mama Laura's Kitchen
Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache Tart

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